9. September 2011


First of all I'm very sorry that I havn't post for a long time and that I missed the Outfit of the Week. I was so tired of working and decided not to do a post without my full concentration. But now I'm back and you get some beautiful posts over the weekend :) 

For today I catch up the Blogward which was given to me a little while ago and the one just a short time ago. I got the "One Lovely Blog Award" twice and I'm really feeling honored! Thanks so much to Kathrin from "Mind the Gap" and Kiki from "LeBlog". I'm really suprised and happy that you have thought about my Blog by forgiving the Award! 

Rules: Link ther person who gave you the award, Tell random things about yourself, Pass the Award and let them know.
-  I really really hate balloons and I'm really scared of them. 
-  I'm dreaming of my own house which has more than 10 rooms so that I've enough to give every room a diffrent style.
- I love to walk along the beach when it's night and nobody's there so I can listen to the sound of the sea.
- I'm really bad in understand mathematics.

I hope this is not to boring for you :)
Now I want to pass the award to 3 beautiful Bloggers. They all have cute Blogs and are special in their own way! So feel free to sneeak a peak at their Blogs too!

Congratulations to:
She has a really personal style and stay true herself. I total admirable her.

Taika always do posts which are fascinating. I love her pictures. She's doing awesome.

She is one of the most wonderful followers and I really like her Outfits.

Yours Svenja


  1. Vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte! Ich bin ja nicht komplett verschwunden, ich lese alle Blogs weiter, die mir gefallen und da zählt deiner dazu <3 Im Gegensatz zu meinem, sieht man deinem Blog an, dass sich ein roter Faden durchzieht und deswegen hat deiner auch Qualität :)
    Nach wie vor gefällt mir das Konzept von einem Blog, wahrscheinlich werde ich mich irgendwann wieder trauen! Dein Angebot für einen Gastpost ist sehr schmeichelhaft und wenn ich etwas finde, was deinem Blog gerecht wird, melde ich mich bei dir! :)
    Mach weiter so, ich freu mich immer wieder auf deine Posts!

    Liebst, Kiki xx

  2. conmgrats on the blog award and sure can you send me your happy moment photo to this email address


  3. Wow, vielen Dank für den Award und vor Allem für die lieben Worte, hat mich sehr sehr gefreut!!! <3

    Werde mich bald darum kümmern :-)



  4. Viiiieeelen lieben Dank!!!! Post folgt ;)

  5. ENDLICH hab ich mein Award gepostet, vielen Dank nochmal!!
    Hier: http://nachgesternistvormorgen.de/?p=8079