31. August 2011



An Outfit as light as a feather. I love her waistcoat it's beautiful! Actually her shorts were long but she had cut them.
Now September is coming and I'm searchin for your common FALL OUTFIT! 

29. August 2011


I found these really beautiful dresses and shoes at diffrent online shops and I fell in love with these amazing things. Espacially the bag is so cute. I tried to match every item in the first row with a wonderful pair of shoes.
You see the bag with this colorblocking Heels? I love the combination. The lace dress with the lace Heels is just perfect and I really love the royal blue skirt with these flat orange ballet. The Mustard Yellow Dress and this unique Leaf Wedges is a causal fall combie. And at the end the Fly agaric dress with the perfect boots!

To shop: Colorblock Open Toe, Lace up  Pump, Ballet Flat, Leaf Wedge, Half Boot

Which one is your favorite item or combo?

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26. August 2011


Some of you wanted more personal things in my blog and I really want to try it but sometimes I just haven't time  to do pictures. Since I'm working it's hard for me to get out well dressed everyday and often I just stay in normal causal clothes.
But I have two pictures for you which are from a shooting on Sunday and I hope you like them.
I really like the style of the 50's and I found this dress at Forever21 and you know the necklace! I presented it in an older post.

25. August 2011



Wow! Girls you're amazing. Everyone of you! Everyone of this 55 Followers who is reading my Blog! I"m so glad you found your way to my site.
My blog is now online exactly 1 month and I really love to blog. I love to share all this beautyfuy posts and I really love your comments and opinions!
I know 55 Readers are not much in comparison to other Fashion blogs which have over 3000 followers but important is that I'm happy to have each one of you!
Dear Readers: Thank you so much!

Another thing is: I think you've already noticed that I've changed my Header. I'm always getting bad reviews about the first Header (eg. it's so chaotic and confusing). So I decided to make a new one and I hope you like it so far! Please let me know!
I'm also always getting critic because I don't have that much personal stuff so I want to ask you:
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If I could I would give you all a hug! Svenja

23. August 2011


 Charlotte from "Forever more". 19-years-old.

Congratulations dear Charlotte :)
She made the blouse Cardigan on her own! Can you believe that? I first thought she bought it somewhere!
I really like it, its beautyful!
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21. August 2011



I'm really really in love with this awesome Vintage Leather Satchels called Cambridge Satchel Bags. They're available in nearly every color and they're just looking perfect to everything. No surprise that you can see them almost everywhere. They are perfect for the new trend Color Blocking. 
I'm really crazy about getting one for my own! I definitly need one. What about you girls?
Style: Retro, trendy, Colorful
To wear with: everything
Reminds me of: Old School bags
To shop:  here, here, or here.

20. August 2011



I love this floral print! One of my first posts was about the Flower Heels which were my "Must Have" for August. So here we go: These beautyful High Heels just arrived in my shoe cabinet. I'm so glad that I finally have them - I could jump for joy! Aren't they cute? Do you like them? I think I'll wear them with a black skinny jeans or maybe with a dark red dress. I hope that I can show you a Outfit Post with them soon.

In this Post I also want to say THANK YOU to Verena-Annabella from La Verella. She presented my blog on her Webside. Click here to read her post.
I think most people of you know the stylistically confident, refreshingly natural and elegant Verena. Who does not know were Verena is, check out her blog! I've never seen a natural styling Queen like her :) She really inspires me!

17. August 2011


Left one $4.80; right one $2.80. 

Aren't they beautyful? You know I love bows but I'm also in love with this Swallow necklace. The color from both necklaces is gold and I bought them from Forever21.
Do you like them?

16. August 2011



It's one of her Summer Outfits. She collected most of the things from garage sales.
Isn't that cool? I love garage sales and did you notice her cute ring?
This time I also want to say thank you to: Bonnie and  Storm. Your Outfits were really nice too, but there can only be one winner. I'm sorry :(
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13. August 2011


Today I want to present you a beautyful Naildesign made by Thi from Kawaii.
I'm following Thi a really long time, because she has such a cute and interesting blog! She mades wonderful Nailarts and she has done one special Naildesign for my blog. Isn't that wonderful? Thank you so much for this Cooperation Thi!

And here we go the cute Cherry Naildesign:

Step 1: Chose a pink nailpolish and use it as the base for your nails.
Step 2: Put a glitter nailpolish on your last two fingers
Step 3: Draw little Cherrys with a red Nailpolish where you want.
1. Nägel mit einem rosaton grundieren; 2. Glitzerlack drüber geben; 3. Kirschen auf die gewünschte Stelle pinseln.

 I really love it. It's perfect for the last summerdays isn't it?
You want more beautyful Naildesigns, Cute Stuff and delicious Recipes?

12. August 2011


Another Outfitpost including myself and a dress from Forever21. Hope you like it?
Ein neuer Outfitpost von mir. Das Kleid ist von Forever21. Ich hoffe euch gefaellt es?


10. August 2011


Oh yes, I do. Take a look I really found one -  A Man who is flying in a suit! haha. I love this picture. Found it on >Lookbook and I really love the effect that he's flying. 

Ich liebe fliegende Maenner in Anzuegen. Und ratet was passiert ist. Ich hab einen gesehen! Ich liebe dieses Bild. Gefunden auf  >Lookbook. Das wollte ich euch nurmal eben erzaehlen :)

His name is Tilman and he comes from Germany. I don't like all of his pictures but there are some good ones. So anyway I just wanted to show you a flying Man :D I'm done :)

9. August 2011



Look at her really cute bow which has exactly the color of her belt. 
She stole the belt from her little sister, isn't that funny? 
I'm so glad that you applied Mimi! Your Outfit is amazing cute!

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7. August 2011


Primark; available in stores from August.
Prices range from £2 – £35

 The 70's are back with a huge color palette for the Fall/Winter Season. I love this colors! You can combine and mix the clothes the way you want and I think this will make rainy fall days brighter! I like the strong expression of the clothes and you'll never get bored or tired. 
Style: strong, risky, adventurous
Reminds me of: Pop Art, 60's - 70's

What do you think? Love or Hate it?

6. August 2011


A couple of you were asking for pictures of myself. Here we go:

Just a normal girl, not really special.
Hope you like it and I hope that you're not overly disappointed!

4. August 2011



Take a normal bowl and put the egg yolk and the tablespoon honey in it. Mix these two things till the honey is loose in the egg yolk. In another bowl mix the avocado and the cucumber. Cut them in little pieces and than smoothe them or mash them with a fork. Put the avocado-cucumber mix into the bowl with the honey-egg mix. Last but not least the quark. Put the quark into bowl and stir everything to a smooth paste. READY! 
Now you can put the paste on your face for about 15minutes. 

Close your eyes. Turn on some of your favorite music and relax!

After the 15minutes make sure that you wash up the leftover.I hope you enjoy the 15minutes and don't forget:
"Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic." - Rosalind Russell

2. August 2011



I really love her Bag - It's selfmade! Everything fits perfect together.
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1. August 2011


Two wonderful things to tell:
This little young lady is Mary Elle Fanning. Bright, fresh and very young. She is 13-years-old but I think she looks like a common fashion Icon. Elle Fanning is an american Actress but her star is now rising in High Fashion. She is very fashionable and chic, isn't she?

Photos from Marie Claire.

I want to thank Terrorbambi. She presented my blog in a verly nice way because she wanted to make this blog a little bit more popular. Thank you so much! Isn't that lovely? Lots of hugs and kisses to you little Bambie :)