30. Juli 2011


I'm in love with these new High Heels! I bought them yesterday at Steve Madden. I entered the store and saw these amazing shoes right in front of me. It was like the whole world stoped turnin and a light was flashing around these shoes. Seriously! I love bows and these shoes are cute and very easy.
Color: Taupe
Price: 49.95$ (89.95$)

More shoes > here.

29. Juli 2011


Istant Classic. Varsity Jackets also called Letterman Jackets popularized in the 1950s are coming back for Autumn 2011. Athletic-inspired outwear made for every field. Most of the Varsity Jackets are diffrent because they have special names or colors. For the coming Fall Designers have traded traditional school colors for luxe finishes for boys and girls!
Style: sporty and active
Perfect with: Skinny jeans
Tip: You can make your jacket special when you print your own stuff on the jacket. 
For example your name.

27. Juli 2011



Mustard Yellow is a wonderfull Autumn/Fall colour. The color is not very common but should definitly be shown. Vitality and groove - I love this colour. A mustard yellow bag or heels are perfect for a simple Outfit or show your color with a lovely musatrd yellow dress! Feel free to keep it simple as well as you could be a Eyecatcher.
Mix the color up with: navy blue, brown, beige, and black
Try it with: dark purple Accesoires

Shop this clothes here:
Dress // Cardigan // Top // Heels

26. Juli 2011



Congratulations Carla. I love your Outfit and your posing. Isn't she awesome!?
You have the next Outfit of the week? Come on and show it! KLICK.

25. Juli 2011


Today the Outfit Compaign is starting.
I'm searchin every week for a girl or a boy who wants to present her or his Outfit. Feel free to send me your Outfit by Mail and every week I will choose somebody who gets his own Post.
You must not be a Follower of this blog.
If you send me your Outfit please do not forget your age, your blog and the photo which I should post!
With sending me your picture you'll allow me to post the picture in this Post. Be sure that I'll only use the pictures for the Blogpost. I'll delete them if you're not the "Outfit of the week".
Please do not sending more than 2 Outfits a week.
You can take part every week.

Email: loudish@ymail.com
The post will appear every Tuesday!

Good luck

24. Juli 2011



Floral Heels or Flower Heels are my favorite "Must have" for August. Took them on and you'll express life and happiness. You can buy them in bright colors like white with some very cute flowers or in dark colors and set the shoes as a strong accesoire. Whatever you want to.
To wear with: bright denim jeans, skirts or dresses.
Style: cute, girly, beautiful
To shop > here or here.

23. Juli 2011



A few girls have been born with style but for most of us style is something that comes with time and experience. Get inspired from books, movies, art, music, travel and espacially other people.
Style begins with a sense of your self-confidence and comes from opening yourself to the world.

To achieve style, beginn by affecting none. 
(Um Stil zu erreichen,lass dich von niemanden beeintraechtigen.)