13. August 2011


Today I want to present you a beautyful Naildesign made by Thi from Kawaii.
I'm following Thi a really long time, because she has such a cute and interesting blog! She mades wonderful Nailarts and she has done one special Naildesign for my blog. Isn't that wonderful? Thank you so much for this Cooperation Thi!

And here we go the cute Cherry Naildesign:

Step 1: Chose a pink nailpolish and use it as the base for your nails.
Step 2: Put a glitter nailpolish on your last two fingers
Step 3: Draw little Cherrys with a red Nailpolish where you want.
1. Nägel mit einem rosaton grundieren; 2. Glitzerlack drüber geben; 3. Kirschen auf die gewünschte Stelle pinseln.

 I really love it. It's perfect for the last summerdays isn't it?
You want more beautyful Naildesigns, Cute Stuff and delicious Recipes?


  1. This is adorable! You're right, perfect for summer :)
    Thanks for your comment!


  2. meinst du diesen header?
    also ich bin in der tat jemand, der es absolut übersichtlich mag, aber ich finde ihn nicht schlecht. was finden deine leser denn verwirrend? die drei wörter untereinander?