1. Oktober 2012

Neuer Blog

Über ein Jahr ist es her, das ich hier gebloggt habe. Seit dem hat sich vielen verändert, aber nicht meine Liebe zur Mode und aktuellen Fashiontrends.
Dies ist mir kürzlich wieder bewusst geworden und ich habe diesen Blog unter einer neuen Adresse und mit ein paar Änderungen wieder ins Leben gerufen. Falls das hier noch irgendjemand lesen sollte würde ich mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr mal einen Blick auf den neuen Blog werft.

Hier gehts zum neuen Blog:

Den neuen Blog findet ihr hier: www.jetsetterin.blogspot.com

26. September 2011


Tanja is born in the beautiful Switzerland was sending me this picture a little time ago. I love her casual styling and I bet this Outfit very comfortable. Thanks for attending!

You want to take part and show everbody YOUR OUTFIT? Click > here and come in! 

19. September 2011


Shoes, shoes, shoes. Yes, it's one of my favourite topics! Maybe you've already noticed ;) I don't know about you but I fell in love with these shoes designed from Jeffrey Campbell. It's a footwear brand which is most known in the US but the collection of JCshoes has grown and expanded so much that the shoes are known worldwide.
Look at these wonderful designs which make every shoe look totally diffrent. My favorites are the first ones with the lace and the ones in silver glitter.
Like or hate JCshoes? Which is you favorite design? Let me know!

Shop them: here or here

15. September 2011


You only need to open your eyes to perceive the little things.
This is my little Shopping result from this week. I wanted to show you my new purse with the heart form and the cute lace outside and the beautiful bow necklace - both from Forever21. The little foursome eyeshadow from Maybelline called "Chai Latte" which has wonderful colors for the fall and the cute nailpolish from Essie called "Mademoiselle". I would call in Marshmellow because it looks so soft rose/white on the nails :)

11. September 2011



I fell in love with my new skirt. I was buying it last week and since them I'm wearing it the 3rd time :D So I thought I have to do an Outfitpost to show you this wonderful skirt and I hope you like it. I found the skirt at T.J Maxx and dressed it up with a really simple pastell rose basic Shirt. 
It's already September and I would love to wear some fall clothes but here in South Carolina it's still to hot.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend? xoxo, Svenja

9. September 2011


First of all I'm very sorry that I havn't post for a long time and that I missed the Outfit of the Week. I was so tired of working and decided not to do a post without my full concentration. But now I'm back and you get some beautiful posts over the weekend :) 

For today I catch up the Blogward which was given to me a little while ago and the one just a short time ago. I got the "One Lovely Blog Award" twice and I'm really feeling honored! Thanks so much to Kathrin from "Mind the Gap" and Kiki from "LeBlog". I'm really suprised and happy that you have thought about my Blog by forgiving the Award! 

Rules: Link ther person who gave you the award, Tell random things about yourself, Pass the Award and let them know.
-  I really really hate balloons and I'm really scared of them. 
-  I'm dreaming of my own house which has more than 10 rooms so that I've enough to give every room a diffrent style.
- I love to walk along the beach when it's night and nobody's there so I can listen to the sound of the sea.
- I'm really bad in understand mathematics.

I hope this is not to boring for you :)
Now I want to pass the award to 3 beautiful Bloggers. They all have cute Blogs and are special in their own way! So feel free to sneeak a peak at their Blogs too!

Congratulations to:
She has a really personal style and stay true herself. I total admirable her.

Taika always do posts which are fascinating. I love her pictures. She's doing awesome.

She is one of the most wonderful followers and I really like her Outfits.

Yours Svenja

3. September 2011


 Left: Moschino $1.875 - Right: Gucci $3.900

 Most of you will now Lea Michele as Rachel Berry form Glee where she is a unpopular, very controlling Girl with a diva behaviour because she always wants to be in the spotlight. But here you can see her adorable and lady like. I love the dresses they look absolutly georgous on her. She was interviewed by the magazine "Bazaar" which had a large Portrait of her overachieving real life at the moment.
Isn't she awesome? Do you like her?

Left: $5.595 - Right: Valentino $7.900
Photos taken by: Mark Seliger